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Image Copyright The Intrepid Traveler, 2011The Myths of Bedford v. Canada: Why Decriminalizing Prostitution Won’t Help

By LAURA JOHNSTON – The argument that decriminalizing prostitution will improve conditions for prostituted women sounds appealing on its surface. The first time I heard it I thought it made sense. But when I began volunteering in a rape crisis centre and shelter and met women in prostitution, I realized that decriminalization wouldn’t address the reality of women’s lives. This piece is my analysis from my experiences doing front line work, and in working on the Bedford case.

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Starting Your Legal Research Paper: Choosing A Topic

Although there are many different ways to find a topic for a legal research paper, this blog will highlight a few of them. Stick To What You Know: If you know what field of law you want to practice, write an article on something in that field.  Here’s why: When submitting resumes and (more relevantly) […]

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Image Copyright BriYYZ (Flickr), 2011From a Law School in Florida to an LLM Program in Germany

By KAILA C RANDOLPH – When I first pondered the idea of leaving the U.S. to attend a foreign university program, I cringed at the idea. I knew that I would be leaving everything that I have ever known, to live and study in the unknown. Nonetheless, if I could do it all again, I would make the same choice.

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Image Copyright jonasj (Flickr), 2011Statutory Interpretation: Sometimes It Is Easier Than It Appears.

By JOSHUA D JONES, J.D. – What does it mean to make child pornography? The issue before the court in People v. Hill was whether the act of copying or burning images to the CD-R’s amounted to producing or making “child sexually abusive material”.

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