Confessions of a Law School Nobody

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Confessions of a Law School Nobody

We’re always looking for new blogs and websites to introduce you our readers. Confessions of a Law School Nobody (CLSN) is a website offering law student counseling which also publishes blogs aimed at helping law students through their law school adventure (or nightmare). For example, CLSN just published a blog about what to do if you didn’t pass the MPRE.  With MPRE results posted, this is exactly the question many students are asking themselves.

Looking for more $$$ this summer? (And honestly, who isn’t?) Check out CLSB’s links for spring and summer scholarships deadlines.

Along with the helpful blogs, CLSN offers a low-cost program which gives students access to outlines, practice exams, advising services, and more. If you feel like you need extra help getting through law school, check out CLSN’s membership packages!

You can also follow them on twitter @LawSchoolNobody!!






**In the interest of full disclosure, although this blog is not a paid advertisement, at the time of publication Confessions of a Law School Nobody was an advertiser with the site.

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