Stand-Out And Get Hired

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During the summer after 2L year (or during the semester if you have time), consider volunteering with a non-profit or a juvenile detention center to gain experience and credibility in the field. A student who is more interested in theory and academia should consider writing and publishing a paper on juvenile law.

What ever field you are interested in practicing, law school is the time to throw your time and energy into that field. By doing so, you will begin to learn the names and faces of the attorneys in your region who do that type of work, and if you get an interview with them you will have something to say for yourself. No matter what your resume looks like, having a grab-bag selection of school organizations and some unfocused internships doesn’t make someone look committed to a certain area of law.

As if the above wasn’t reason enough, I’ll leave you with this: Not everyone goes to a top-20 school, and even those who do don’t always get ranked at the top of their class. When your resume is held up against someone who’s school or rank is higher than yours, you need the recruiter to know that you want “the job” and not just any job. Recruiters are well aware that the job market is poor and that student loans are rich. It is important to do whatever you can to stand-out and get hired.

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