Top 9 Websites for Law Students, Recommended by Law Students

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Top 9 Websites for Law Students, Recommended by Law Students


In February, The National Jurist published an article called The 10 Best Websites for Law Students. We felt that the authors of the article completely missed the mark. As active members of the online legal community, we felt like the magazine chose mostly generic websites, and missed an opportunity to showcase websites that law students really use.


So, we took to twitter and asked our followers which websites they rely on for information. Here are the top 9 voted for websites (plus a bonus website from us)!


1)       Duncan Gibbins Academy - Our UK readers tweeted in droves for this website which helps law graduates find legal employment, and offers insights into working as a solicitor.

2)      The Girls Guide to Law School (not just for girls) came in first with the American law students. Founder, Alison Monahan, publishes witty and informative articles on a range of topics. Check out: Thinking About Public Interest Work?, 12 Things I’d Do If I Were An Unemployed 3L, and tips for law students like Surviving Law School 101: What You Need to Know to Succeed.

3)      PSLawNet specializes in informing readers about public interest opportunities. In their blog, they publish helpful articles like, Making the Judicial Clerkship Work For You, public interest news, and public interest job postings.

4)      Ms. JD seeks to help overcome barriers to achieve gender equality in the legal profession. They publish incredible articles on a range of professional topics; including: Compensation, Advancement, New Legal Business Models, and, of course, articles on law school and academia. They also keep a very complete calendar of events which law students in the area should consider attending for networking purposes.

5)      Ask Heather Jarvis, no really, ask her. She’s an educational resource on student loan repayment. She writes about public service loan forgiveness and responds to posts in her forum where people ask her specific questions about loans and loan repayment.


6)      Law Professor Blogs is a network of blogs designed to assist law professors in their scholarship and teaching. This is the only website from the National Jurist Top 10 that made it on our list, and we are not surprised seeing as this is such an incredible resource. What’s your area of interest? Whatever it is you will find helpful information on it here, Environmental Law Prof Blog, CrimProf Blog, Legal Writing Prof Blog, and so many more.

7)      Happy Go Legal is a never cynical and always resourceful website offering advice to law students and new attorneys. Check out articles like, Over qualified AND under qualified?! and To Offer Free Consultation or Not – Two Sides to the Client Intake Coin.

8)      Law School Success Tips author, Ian E. Scott, is fairly new to the blogosphere, but has already produced some thought provoking content. See his articles, Do Not Worry About Whether You Will Pass The Bar Exam Because There is Almost a 90% Chance That You Will Pass It On Your First Attempt and Should You “Paralegal” Before Law School?

9)      The Clerkship Scramble,  another newbie to the scene, has already made an impression on some of our law students. The Clerkship Scramble has started synthesizing and indexing some of the best information on the web regarding obtaining a clerkship. They’ve already posted Which Law Schools Have The Best Clerkship Placement Rates? and Useful Articles on the Hiring Process; we look forward to seeing what else they put forth.

A special BONUS web-resource from the editors of The Student Appeal:

**      Harvard Law Job Search ToolKit is the Harvard Law School’s career planning page. It offers resume tips, sample cover letters, tricks, and inside info. Your school probably offers their own samples and tips, but its always helpful to keep this website in your back pocket.


Did we miss a site? Add it in the comments! We ran the poll for several days but that doesn’t mean we haven’t missed many valuable resources. Make sure to add any other sites that you think law students will value knowing about. Also, follow us on twitter @StudentAppeal to stay tuned for other polls.


Note: Although we were flattered by the tweeters who voted for us, we did not count votes for ourselves due to conflict of interest.

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