Twitter 101

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It should be noted, that people often use hashtags to assist others in finding a specific tweet. For example, if you want to tell law students about an upcoming event at your law school you may want to tweet something like this:

“Hey #lawstudents, on March 20th @BurgerLibrary is holding an event on how to start your legal research!! #lawschool

In that tweet you used #lawstudent and #lawschool as a way of reaching out to the law school community and letting them know about the event.

Twitter Tip #4 – Tweeting to people. In the previous example, you will notice that I included “@BugerLibrary”. Many law schools have twitter accounts (although most of them do not utilize them to their full potential). If you tweet about someone or something, then include them in the tweet whenever possible. This will increase the likelihood that your tweet gets Retweeted, which will help you grow your twitter network.

Twitter Tip #5 – Retweets (or RT). When you see a tweet that you like or find interesting, you can click the retweet button. This will allow the tweet to post on your twitter feed but allow the original tweeter to continue to get credit for the tweet. This is a good way to show interest or support for a certain tweet, while being respectful of the fact that you didn’t find the interesting article or compose the witty tweet.


For more social media tips and trends, follow @SarahEliMattern. If you have any questions or anything to add, make sure to leave a comment!!

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