10 Things You Should Know About Law School (from two ex-TAs)

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  1. No one expects you to know everything. Ask for help! Finally, and this is a big one, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Law school can be very isolating, so you might feel like there’s no place to turn for assistance. This is NOT true! First, talk with your professors. They’re paid to help you, so take advantage. Next, talk with your TAs. At a minimum, they’re getting course credit (and they might be being paid), so put them to work for you (within reason, of course, since they’ve got their own work to finish). If that doesn’t work, see if your law school has resources for struggling students. If there’s nothing at the law school specifically, look at the broader university community. Is there a writing center you can go to for support? If you continue hitting dead ends, look online! Some law school discussion boards are nasty, but certain ones are helpful. Try these: Reddit School of Law, the Top Law Schools forums, or Law School Discussion. You’ll probably find people who are eager to help you. If you want more anonymity, read a book, or order a commercial supplement. Or look into tutoring. Do some research and get suggestions, or you can check out our new course, the Law School Toolbox, which includes a special bonus tutoring session, along with the standard online access. The bottom line is that there ARE ways to get help, but you’ve got to ask for it.

So, there you go! If you keep these ten things in mind as you go through your law school experience, it should be a lot smoother and less stressful.

Finally, one bonus tip: Try to enjoy being in school! This is voluntary, right? If you really, truly hate it, you can always do something else. As long as you’re there, you might as well try to enjoy yourself. Pretty soon, chilling out for hours in a coffee shop “studying” will only be a fond memory. Carpe diem!

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Alison Monahan is the founder of The Girl’s Guide to Law School, which helps you get into law school, get through, and stay true to yourself.

Lee Burgess is the founder of Amicus Tutoring, which provides private tutoring for law students and aspiring attorneys taking the California bar exam.

Together they’ve created the Law School Toolbox, a new website and online course that contains all the tools you need for law school success!

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