How Music Decreases Stress & Other Things Law Students Should Know

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Next, monitor your commitments and the things that stress you out.

3)    Saying “no” – We completely understand that you want to run for a board position in every club at the school, but you shouldn’t. Even if you are a board member for a club does not mean you need to volunteer to chair or even help out with every event. Commit to certain events, and certain extracurricular activities which coincide with your overall plan for law school. (For more information about strategically planning your path from law school to job offer see Stand Out And Get Hired.)

4)    Limit Social Media Time – Digital networking and social media networking are crucial components to finding a job in this millennium. (See Social Media For Future Lawyers.) However, spending 5 hours a day, everyday online is unproductive and can lead to anxiety. Power down, and give it a rest. Facebook and Twitter will still be there when you’ve read all your cases for the evening.

5)    Avoid people who stress you out – This can be especially important in law school where you spend most of your time with the same people. If someone consistently annoys the heck out of you… avoid them. You can try to not let them bother you, but I find that outright avoidance is the surest bet. Another way this issue raises itself is during heated class debates. Now, I would never be a person to suggest not arguing your legal or political opinions during a healthy class discussion, BUT if everyday you are debating the same person with diametrical opinions to yours sometimes you just need to realize that your blood pressure can’t handle it today. Let it go.

Limit Your “To-Do” List – Rather than a “To-Do” list, I’ve started writing “priority lists”. I try never to put more than 5 things in the high priority section, and then move to medium priority, and then low priority. A couple of things to keep in mind, 1) always review your list from the day before (to make sure you transfer anything that didn’t get finished), 2) make subsections for large assignments (rather than “Read for Torts” when the assignment is 75 pages, try “Read Torts Cases Pg. 25-50” in high priority and “Read Torts Cases Pf. 50-75” as a medium priority).

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