Interview with Sarah Feingold the In-House Attorney for Etsy

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Sarah Feingold, in-house attorney for Etsy


Interview with Sarah Feingold the In-House Attorney for Etsy

Sarah is a jewelry-making out-of-the-box artistic extrovert, and an attorney. The Student Appeal is ecstatic to interview her for our Day in the Life series.

1) Tell us how you got your current position.

I discovered Etsy while I was working at a law firm. I was looking for different ways to sell my jewelry when I found Etsy.  I realized that they didn’t have an in-house attorney, so I emailed the customer support team.  They got me in touch with Etsy’s founder, Rob Kalin.  After talking with him, I told Rob that I was flying from Rochester NY to New York City for an interview.  I met with Rob, got the job, sold my car and moved to Brooklyn.

2) What does your job as in-house counsel for Etsy entail?

As in-house counsel, especially for a start-up, you have to be part businesswomen and part attorney. Most start-up companies don’t turn into long-term businesses, so you have to make smart decisions for the company’s bottom line. As an in-house attorney, you do a lot of issue spotting. There are always things that need your attention – the important thing is to prioritize.

Also, you need to ensure that your coworkers trust you. It will make your job so much harder if the other employees don’t feel like they can talk to you.

3) How long did you work at your previous job?

I was out of law school for around two years working for a law firm, but I knew I wasn’t passionate about my work. I went to law school because I wanted to work with artists and protect artists.

4) Do you think you would have gotten the job at Etsy without the previous experience?

No. The law firm helped me hone my research and writing skills. It also gave me the credibility and experience to get the job I love. It was a great way to meet people because when you are working as in-house counsel you will still need to hire outside counsel or solicit other attorneys for advice. Not only did I meet great people at my first job, I also learned what I didn’t want to do with my career.

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