Tough Love for Law Students…From the Heart

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4) Be reasonable. You need a job. Your first job doesn’t have to be your dream job. Get some experience and develop a plan to transition towards your dream job. If you ignore or weed out too many firms, you may end up with a list that is one firm too short. In other words, that one additional firm might have been the one to give you an offer. You only need one job offer to end up with a job.

5) Build your story. There is a lot of competition for jobs coming out of law school. What does your resume and cover letter say about you? Why are you better than everyone else applying for this job? I worked very hard to make sure that anyone who read my resume came away with the impression that I was a proven leader. Yes the grades were there but what hopefully stood out was that I was frequently taking leadership positions and had well-rounded interests. Make sure that your resume is telling the best story.

6) Practice. If you are getting interviews but you are not getting any offers, it probably means that you are losing the offers during the interview. Practice answering interview questions. Think of and practice responding to the most common questions that arise when someone looks at your resume and transcript. Practice answering boilerplate interview questions. Make sure you know all that you can about the firm and practice group you are interviewing with. I often asked ahead of time if the firm could provide me with the names of my interviewers. When possible, I would make sure I read his or her firm profile so that I would have relevant quality questions to ask the interviewer.
Sometimes, we all need a little tough love. So turn the negative energy of complaining into the positive energy of taking control of your future. Stay positive, work hard, work smart and good luck. I know you can do it!


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