Image Copyright BriYYZ (Flickr), 2011From a Law School in Florida to an LLM Program in Germany

By KAILA C RANDOLPH – When I first pondered the idea of leaving the U.S. to attend a foreign university program, I cringed at the idea. I knew that I would be leaving everything that I have ever known, to live and study in the unknown. Nonetheless, if I could do it all again, I would make the same choice.

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United NationsUnited Nations Inaction on Syria

By GABRIEL HELOU, LL.M. – The Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was confident that the wave of change which hit the Arab World – since the outset of this year – would not reach Syria, to the point of labeling his country as “immune” from any calls for freedom and democracy.

Contrary to Al-Assad’s expectations, since mid-March, thousands of peaceful demonstrators took to the streets in different areas of the country – in Daraa, Banias, Nawa, and elsewhere – demanding democracy and human rights.

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First, Do No Harm: Response to “If You Prick Me”

By PATRICIA A BROUSSARD – Brianna Lennon makes several cogent and persuasive arguments about Female Genital Mutilation (“FGM”) in her recently published Student Note entitled, If You Prick Me: The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Female Genital Cutting Policy Turnabout. She successfully articulates why she believes that by prohibiting FGM, opponents are in effect reinforcing it as a tie to the former culture or country. However, although Ms. Lennon makes some sound points, she overlooks and thereby, fails to answer the most obvious question which is, who owns a woman’s body?

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Image Copyright isafmedia (Flickr), 2011EU Customs Blockade of India’s Generic Medicines

By DIANE E HARPER, PH.D. – On over twenty occasions between 2008 and 2010, customs authorities in the Netherlands have detained consignments of Indian-manufactured generic medicines that were in transit to developing countries. Each time the containers reached Dutch ports, the medicines were apprehended based on claims that the goods were counterfeit. Many have accused the European Union (“EU”) of impeding legitimate trade in affordable medicines and putting patients in low-income countries at risk.

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If You Prick Me

By BRIANNA LENNON – The surgical modification of a woman’s genitalia is a widely practiced tradition in many non-Westernized parts of the world. Commonly referred to as female genital cutting or mutilation, or simply female circumcision, the procedure is highly stigmatized in Western culture as a violation of human rights, leading to bans of the procedure in a number of countries. However, laws prohibiting female genital cutting often fail to reflect the cultural values of the affected populations, who may support the ritual. As a result, individuals in countries who practice female genital cutting often disregard or violate their jurisdiction’s laws.

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