Lawbrary Etiquette

Let’s be very clear about something. Reading and comprehending casebooks isn’t easy. It requires unhealthy amounts of caffeine and a student’s undivided attention. For most students, vain attempts to complete work will be spent in the comfort of the law school library.

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Image Copyright defotoberg, 2012Supporting Your Law Student

Often times families and significant others of law students bear more of the burden of law school than they expected. Here are some tips on keeping your relationship strong.

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Starting Your Legal Research Paper: Choosing A Topic

Although there are many different ways to find a topic for a legal research paper, this blog will highlight a few of them. Stick To What You Know: If you know what field of law you want to practice, write an article on something in that field.  Here’s why: When submitting resumes and (more relevantly) […]

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Image Copyright BriYYZ (Flickr), 2011From a Law School in Florida to an LLM Program in Germany

By KAILA C RANDOLPH – When I first pondered the idea of leaving the U.S. to attend a foreign university program, I cringed at the idea. I knew that I would be leaving everything that I have ever known, to live and study in the unknown. Nonetheless, if I could do it all again, I would make the same choice.

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