Image Copyright michael rubin /, 2012ObamaCare: Unconstitutional or Un-Republican?

By CHARLES H. PLETSCHER – Designed to integrate ninety-two individual provisions gradually, ObamaCare will complete its overhaul of the health care industry in 2018. Before the implementation of ObamaCare, over fifty million Americans were uninsured while premiums for family health coverage increased over eighty-seven percent, which is four times faster than general inflation and wages. By 2018, if ObamaCare survives, every American, excluding those exempted for various reasons, will have health insurance coverage. While health care coverage should become more accessible, forced coverage under section 1501 of ObamaCare unconstitutionally deprives individuals the freedom of choosing which interstate markets to enter. Despite the finding of several courts, the individual mandate provision exceeds the bounds of Congress’s Commerce-Clause power, making ObamaCare unconstitutional.

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